Four Stories The Harrods Edition

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Enjoy eight delightful Paddington story books in this special gift edition suitcase. Children's favourite, Paddington Bear is a distinguished small bear of earnest good intentions who gets drawn into mishap and adventure at every turn. Thankfully his great sense of logic and determination manage to get him out of most scrapes, albeit in perhaps some rather unconventional ways. Find out what happens when Paddington gets all the wrong kind of attention at the zoo, how he skyrockets on a funfair ride and how he 'helps out' around the house with messy results!

The Paddington books contained in the suitcase are:

  • Paddington and the Busy Day
  • Paddington and the Marmalade Maze
  • Paddington and the Tutti Frutti Rainbow
  • Paddington at the Fair
  • Paddington at the Palace
  • Paddington at the Zoo
  • Paddington Minds the House
  • Paddington the Artist

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